Here you can find our FAQ’s – most frequently asked questions:

Why Use VMA DIY Websites?

VMA DIY websites are the ideal way to develop your business website, upload it and get it running right there and then. You don’t have to work with designers who can take days to get the job done. In a couple of minutes, you will have your online entity ready to produce results. Moreover, our websites can easily be search engine optimised, which means you don’t have to pay a web marketer to do the job. With easy to follow Video Tutorials it is a low cost way to start your online presence.

What is VMA DIY Websites?

VMA DIY (Do It Yourself) websites offers you an easy way of developing your website within minutes, without any assistance from any designer. Our turnkey websites are easy to start with and in a couple of minutes you will have it up and running. We have all the necessary tools to ensure your online journey goes smooth and uninterrupted.

How Can I Manage My Content?

We have integrated a user-friendly CMS to every website, which gives you the liberty of editing, uploading and changing content, images and videos whenever you like. You can also add YouTube videos by embedding it to your page.

What about Hosting?

While hosting is included in your package, for stand-alone websites we also provide comprehensive hosting packages as one of Australia’s most reliable hosting company. You can choose from a variety of plans, which means you can add as many pages you want without any restrictions. In addition, these secure servers make sure that your never website is never under cyber attack.

Can I Promote My Website Through Social Media?

Definitely. You can share your web pages on your social media pages with the tabs that are present on every website. It hardly takes a minute to do it with VMA-DIY Websites.

What About Content and Images?

We prefer every business should upload its own content and images. However, we are always here to help you out with the task. Every business is unique in its entirety and so it is best for you to make sure your content and images stand out.  We can offer this service to you but additional charges will apply.

Can I Add My Own Hosting?

No. All VMA-DIY websites are hosted on our own servers, in order to ensure you are connected to the VMA CMS 24/7. In addition, by staying connected with VMA servers, you allow us to keep track of your websites. In case of an emergency, we will always be there for your assistance. 

What About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

All VMA websites have advanced SEO structure. In other words, you don’t have to do much except for adding meta tags and optimised content. Once your website is live, you will know how efficiently it will generate results. Underneath each page or post editor you will find the fields to add a ‘Title’, ‘Description’ and ‘Keywords’. Always keep these relevant to the page content for maximum results.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a set-up fee of $197 as well as a monthly hosting fee of $29.97. Other optional services are available such as Keyword Research and Analysis, Onsite plus Offsite Optimisations Services as well as us setting up a basic 5 page website for you. These optional fees can be view when you hit the ‘Sign Up Now’ button on the Home page.